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$250 - all of previous gifts and special gift
$2500 - Gift of  "Crew Chief" for a weekend at an Airshow
                     All donations are 100% tax deductable

The T-33 Heritage Foundation is a not for profit organization and we are all volunteers and accept no salary or funds from the foundation.  100% of every dollar goes directly to the aquistion, restoration and preservation of the aircraft.
    We are  in the process of trying to aquire a Lockheed T-33  Shooting Star and a P-80 which would be restored to flying condition in Lt. Brown's Korean War P-80 livery, including 6 gun nose.  Honoring the pilot of the first Jet vs. Jet victory. This would be the only flyable P-80. 
   We should be recieved our 501c-3  and all donations will be tax deductible.  Receipts will be mailed  to all donors.  
   Thank you for your support!  

Choose your amount - gift to be determined

$25.00 - basic membership includes free set of patches 
$50.00 -  Gift of T-shirt and patches
$100 - Gift of T-shirt, patches, hat and special gift.