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          See T-33 Shooting Star in flight at an airshow near you.


  The mission of the Classic Jet Aircraft Association is to assist in the preservation of the right to fly our aircraft with the least amount of regulation and restrictions commensurate with the safe operation of our aircraft.

Join today!  If you own, fly or are interested in classic jets please join the classic jet association, we need you! You will become part of a great organization.

Our goal is to promote and encourge the preservation and safe operation of ex-military aircraft better known as Warbirds.

These important aircraft are an important part of our aviation heritage.  Please join us in our efforts to "Keep 'Em Flying"

International Counsel of Airshows

Follow Evan as he explores the miracle of flight in the San Francisco area aviation community. 
  The beautiful home of the "Ace Maker" courtesy of Davis Flight support.  New state of the art facilities and the best place to stop around the Sacramento Valley.  Whether you fly a piston single or a Gulfstream V you'll be treated to true five star service,  and the best fuel prices around!!

The "Ace Maker" nose art, by Don "Da Vinci" Ricci.   The best artist around to do that custom nose art on your aircraft for that final touch. 
Aircraft Photography by Principal Photo